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DiDiT High-End
The partners of DiDiT have been actively involved in music and audio for many years. Commercially active in the industry as parts supplier, designer, high-end audio modification and pro-audio equipment developers. But also non-commercially as musicians and composer.

During the years each individual member has collected a huge amount of knowledge about parts, electronic design, music and music reproduction. Somehow our roads merged and we quickly realized that we shared many ideas and visions.

Our combined potential forms the basis not only for the company but also for the DiDiT Design philosophy.

This DAC212 is the result of translating our imagination to reality.

Further cooperation was therefore not so much a “choice” or something planned, but a logical result from this shared philosophy.

In 2007 this crystalized in the founding of DiDiT High-End bv.

Initally much research and development was done towards integration of computer and high-end audio.

As times are changing we realized that computers would become an integral part in modern audio equipment.
The offspring of this reseach and development is our DAC212 with USB streaming connectivity and DSD/DXD decoding software.