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Meet the team

Harry ten Berge

One of the first musical memories I can remember that literally changed my life is hearing Prince’ Purple Rain. I liked the song, but the music virus really caught on when I heard the complete album. After that I listened more and more to music, until I was able to buy music (CD’s at that time) myself. From that point on my collection grew slowly but steadily, basically spending all my money on music. After seeing Pink Floyd live at young age I also became addicted to live concerts: to me it’s still the best way to enjoy and appreciate the intentions of the performing artist. When you listen to music it’s a logical step to also become interested in equipment so I could improve on my listening experience as well. From building a first amp with my dad until a beautiful class-A capable Marantz. Besides having a great piece of kit I also want it to be easy to operate: having a bad User eXperience (UX) on an expensive piece of kit has always been my biggest frustration with a lot of high-end equipment. As someone working in the software industry I often ran into awesome audio gear with a underpar UX because of flawed software integration. The DiDiT project means I can combine my passion and my software background to achieve the ultimate piece of audio gear: incredible performance, stunningly looking and a great user experience with all the flexibility required these days.

Patrick Schoon

As son of a Philips engineer Patrick was born almost with a soldering iron in his hands. He played the trumpet until the age of 15, and replaced it for the real electronics. I started as a technician repairing musical instruments and sound equipment. The interview to receive the job was about 30 minutes long. This was the time needed to troubleshoot and fix my very first amplifier.
During the 80’s he came in contact with the recording, broadcast and theater industry installing equipment as well as maintenance and repair. At the age of 15 Sebastiaan de Vries came to work for me as an apprentice.

Rients Steenbeek

Music and audio have been part of my life since I was young boy. Initially mainly music (classical music) my father and brother played the piano and I played the violin. When I became 14 years old I was allowed to dismantle my parents audio/television furniture. To salvage the parts and build a system for my own. The turntable and loudspeakers proved to be pretty good. The built in receiver was quickly scrapped and my first DIY amplifier (initially a kit) was soon to be a fantastic addition to the other parts.
Sourcing electronic parts later became part of my life as parts supplier of high quality audio components. This is also how I learned to know the other team-members.

Roy van der Hulst

The most vivid early memory of “hifi” was my Akai Walkman that I bought with my first summer holiday savings. At a later age the quest for the best portable hifi shifted towards a hifi set. That was right around the time when I met Rients. I just built myself a set of speakers and I was on the lookout for a nice budget amplifier to support them. Rients imported high quality audio equipment from Chinese brands. Great sound and value, but the Chinese styling was an acquired taste. Together with Rients I set-out to upgrade the styling of these amplifiers and bring a more European design feel to them.
A long story short. During our efforts we collected Patrick and Sebastiaan along the way. We ditched our original idea of only upgrading the styling and formed DiDiT where we are able to combine incredible audio performance with Dutch industrial design.

Sebastiaan de Vries

Born for music. When I was four years old I got captured by the records from Joe Zawinul with his band weather report. From that moment I knew music is the most important thing in my life.
Studied Piano and Bass since my childhood and went to the Dutch conservatory of music. Out of passion for music learned to design (and improve) audio electronics, and translate my musical interpretation to audio designs.
Learned much about electronics from Patrick, but also a lot from studying schematics from manufacturer and modifying equipment for the Dutch audiophile community.
Presently Sebastiaan and Patrick have developed many products for OEM customers as well as our own DiDiT products.