What the hell, what kinda of a terrific DAC you're building....??!!!
all the tests and reviews are kidding - the device is FAR FAR more better, it is definitivly the most ultra-musical digital device I have ever been listening to.

the first CD (rolf kühn's new "stereo" CD on MPS!) plays like heaven, these DAC set's the airwaves on fire ;o))
I use a bel canto CD CD drive (with phillips cd pro 2 drive!)...never know how good it was.... so, the first look(&ear) on this gear is very very good, if this goes on this way....... ;o))
do you got actuall a 2nd one?! I think my friend here wants it too when he hear THIS!! :o))
(maybe, I think so...!) wow, how open and how deep ist the room, the transients are mindblowin' - it sounds nearly better then my analog setup(dps 3) - wow!!
so, I'll keep U informed ahead
many many thanks so far
I am very impressed with the case.
Cases at this price level tend to be bent metal rectangles.
Your nicely designed aluminum case is definitely a cut above.
I especially love the display behind the perforated center panel.
Every audiophile wants his equipment to look good as well as sound good, and here you have delivered.
I love the overall sound.
It is engaging. To me it is on the warm side of neutral, and while detailed, is also smooth rather than granular, giving it what I like to call an organic sound.
I hear no evidence of harshness or etching in the treble, which is the original sin of digital recordings.
The soundstage is coherent rather than pointillistic and its voicing is just right for me.
The DAC212 is beautifully constructed and packaged.
It conveys enormous pride of ownership holding and admiring it's aesthetic qualities.
My initial impressions are that sonically it has no discernible signature and is astonishingly neutral, but I will investigate this in greater detail over the next few days and report back with my findings.
Had the DAC212 over for an at home test with my own components. That made it very easy to distinguish the difference the DAC212 can make. I use two sources at home: vinyl and streaming.
I only use streaming for casual 'background' listening and I never considered it to be a serious contender to my Linn LP12. Tried several DAC's in the past and was never satisfied with the results, which always made me sell them off and buy even more vinyl...

Adding the DAC212 to my humble setup made all the difference though, goosebumps at the first notes! The main difference to my ears was the huge increase of detail that was beeing retrieved without colouring the sound. Plus it has a very neat design. A real winner!
I'm a firm believer in the 'source first' filosophy and the DAC212 was the first DAC that made me think twice about getting serious with streaming as a viable source.
the Netherlands
I had a Metrum Octave before the audio lab DAC. Which I did not like to use in my set, it sounded dull and emotionless. The advice was to buy another cable (wyreworld), which I did not do. Because for the price of that cable I could buy the Audio Lab, which was really swinging! The DiDiT DAC is swinging as well, without further modifications and fuss, but the swinging is of a higher level. So yes a high end DAC can also add a lot to a not so super expensive set (the cost of my set is lower, then the price of this DAC)
the Netherlands
Briefly, your DAC is utterly superb. Musical and resolving without any digital glare or harshness.
Built like a Rolls Royce.
Comparing the sound, to the Goldmund Telos the DAC section of the DAC212 is more "Transparent and coherent" than the corresponding DAC in the Telos, which is an NZ$ 18,000 Goldmund product.
The DAC212 has "A sublime musicality and tonal rightness without any digital artefacts or overblown sentimentality".
Frankly, I am truly stunned by the DAC212.
New Zealand
Here are some things that I noticed during the short period of testing:
The housing is very well made, and is like a little piece of art.
The remote is equally well made, and it breathes quality. I really like the attention to detail, for example the sorbothane feet, the display made from individual diods etc.
I have connected the D/A in my reference rig, and spent several hours of listening ang comparing.
I have another DAC with the same ESS Sabre ”engine” for comparision. (Audiolab M-DAC with mcRu powersupply).
My impressions so far:
Very high resolution. Smooth, but with extended heights. Very high precision in the low frequencies, and both deep and fast.
Very nice midrange with a warm touch but without coloring. Very quick in its presentation of the sound. All kinds of music sounds good.
I have yet mostly played CDs and streamed TIDAL HIFI, and both sounds very good. I will continue next with high res files I have on my NAS.
Comparing with M-DAC connected Balanced.
DAC 212 sounds more refined and at the same time more open. Especially in the treble. The sense of room is bigger (wider and deeper.)
When I got the mcRu power supply to the M-DAC, it took a big leap towards more HIGH END like sound. The DAC 212 makes me feel the same, It pushes the level of refinement even further.
This is a very good achievement due to it is not yet with a balanced output, which could make further positive differences. (The M-DAC itself sounds better connected balanced comp. to unbal.).
Very clear, open and 'easy'. Loud passages are very well dealt with plenty of inner detail. Spatial definition is very good, giving a very faithful presentation of the original acoustic. I have a recording of some chamber music where I was present, ss a result I can very well evaluate the soundstaging - and it seems very very good.
the United Kingdom
...whilst I appreciate the engaging quality of the headphone out from the TT, to my ears it does not match the DAC212 for resolution, transparency nor aesthetics (actually I have a catalogue of aesthetics issues for the TT).
Personally what I want from a DAC is absolute clarity and neutrality but without harshness. The DAC212 provides this in spades. If I want to colour the sound I'll do that with an amp or headphones/speakers.
United Kingdom
Holy shit!!
This dac is beautiful, I'm sat here listening to some vocal acoustic music and the liquidity of it is completely captivating!
I am so in the zone, I can't turn the music off and I had other things to do today lol!
Thank you for this beautiful beast!
United Kingdom
The DAC212 sounds incredibly good on my Stax and I'm impressed with the detail and purity.
I can't stop listening to it!
the Netherlands
The DAC212 sounds far superior to the Chord Hugo but lacks the latters portability. Having compared the DAC212 and Hugo TT, the DAC212 has a more holographic soundscape than the TT and sounds more resolving.
United Kingdom
In ref to the Esoteric DO5 In my system I much preferred the DIDIT since it was just more enjoyable to listen to.
The esoteric sounded nice but you have to concentrate to hear the micro detail, with the didit it was just there and it was very dynamic unlike the esoteric that was slow and sluggish.
I have a complete valve system and your dac just livened everything up.
its like I upgraded everything in my system. hence I don't know how 1 unit can make such a huge difference.
I was looking at changing the preamp or something to get this speed and dynamics that I now get with your dac.
United Kingdom
What should I say:
Fantastic box! Concerning DAC, my setup is Squeezebox Touch to IFI ILink and IFI Purifier then 2 Mutec MC-3+ Reclocker and finally via coax on WBE Interpreter 72.
By far not a bad chain, but: this gear has simply NO CHANCE against 212 using USB connection (no special cable, only the Purifier in addition).
More punch, clarity, resolution and separation of instruments.
Especially height and width of the presentation is much more accurate.
The better the recording, the more obvious is the difference.
To summarize: I will keep the 212!
The other gear is already for sale.
I have been listening to the DAC212 pretty much non stop for the last 10 days or so.
My other DAC is the Auralic Vega, and I can tell you that, after only a day or so of listening I'd come to love the sound of the DAC212!
It’s hard to describe the sound quality without sounding subjective but it is every bit as detailed and clear as the Vega but, whereas the Vega sounds rather soft and silky, the 212 has, to my ears, more “body” and texture: more three dimensional. Or you could say it is edgier in the best sense of revealing, not softly glossing over, the musical dynamics.
The 212 seems to handle plain 44mHz CD “rips” extremely well and, as expected, sounded great with both hi res PCM and DSD files. I especially love the sound of DSD and own a lot of DSD files.
I got the DAC from my audiophile friends last weekend. They enjoyed the device a lot and had some listening sessions.
I installed the DiDiT DAC in my home setup and had some listening time on Sunday. I can easily confirm the very positive impression of my friends for myself.
It was no surprised the DiDiT DAC is clearly better than the popular devices NAD M51, T+A DAC8 and also the Cord HUGO (which one I really like). There is no need to use Audiophilleo or similar. Direct USB sounds superb. Well done!
The Dac arrived today and is now installed in the system. Its fine piece - feels really solid and heavy like a piece of goldbar almost.

I connected it direct from PC to the DAC via USB so now there is one box less in my source setup.
I enclose a pic how it looks. From now I listen to it through the preamp, the main difference from the Teddypardo is that it is much more exact in the soundstage.
Sounds a little dry at first, bass could be better but I suspect it needs warming up and also perhaps burn in.
Its easier to follow whats been presented and detail is also much better from this dac compared to the Teddypardo.
One thing is certain though that the pre-section is quite good and you must pay rather much to equal it.
I have not yet entered the setup menu to see if there is adjustments to be done. Perhaps you can guide me to the best settings for listening.
Thank you so far, a really good dac.
And after a couple of days:
The dac sounds even better today I think. I really like what I hear, its very addictive and its easier to understand the music and whats playing.