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  1. DAC212
  2. introduction
  3. flexible

The DAC212 Signature Edition, is probably the most intelligent digital pre-amp produced today.
It is the perfect integration of audiophile technology and intelligent software.

The unique software lets configure the DAC212SE to suite your needs and requirements, without compromising audiophile performance.

true balanced design
There are several ways to achieve a balanced or differential output. The DAC212 incorporates a not very common true differential circuit combined with "Virtual Grounding and balanced interfacing" this results in a very clear signal, free from interferences and conveying the music in its purest way.
This requires very advanced 4-layer PCB design.
While only true balanced circuits are superior to single-ended designs, they are sparsely used (even in high-end audio) due to the extra amount of components.
In our balanced design we take this even further, as the entire output section is true differential. Thereby gaining double the CMNR benefits compared to regular true differential design.
The effect is unsurpassed musical performance!

HD audio compatible.
the DAC212 was designed to accept almost all high resolution standards of digital signal.
Regular PCM up to 192kHz via the SPDIF inputs, and 384kHz and DSD512 via USB.
It will easily connect to for example your Roon endpoint or any other digital source.

audiophile Headphone output
The DAC212SE is fitted with a very powerful output stage that drives any headphone with ease. The low impedance output stage is capable of delivering an enormous amount of power:

  1. 4000 mW / 32Ω @XLR connector +6dB gain setting
  2. 500mW / 32Ω @headphone jack +6dB gain setting
while maintaining absolutely stable under all conditions.
No additional headphone amplifier required!

Android and iOS remote control App
beside the regular remote control functions, the more advanced features of the DAC212 are easily accessible via the app. For example display settings, gain settings and the ES9018 DAC chip built-in filter settings.
The app also displays sample rate and data format information.

Self-cleaning relays
Switching the DAC212 on `self-cleans' the relays, as they rapidly open and close thereby avoiding the build up of corrosive particles detrimental to the audio signal.

Flexible inputs and output
Standard digital inputs consist of:

  1. XLR (AES/EBU)
  2. 2 RCA inputs
  3. optical input
  4. I2S HDMI input
  5. galvanic isolated USB input
We have implemented a unique fully flexible input and output system.
For example, the 2 RCA connectors can be combined to 1 single pro-audio standard input to allow DSD via BNC.
The XLR outputs can be converted to RCA via our custom made adapters, via the software the internal circuit than has to be changed to single-ended mode in order to maximize the performance.

Expandable inputs
Although the DAC212SE is fitted with enough inputs for everyday use, some users may require more inputs.
These can simply be added via an adapter cable, this allows for 4 more coaxial or 4 more BNC inputs or 2 more AES/EBU XLR inputs.

Intelligent fully customizable volume control.
Several options for volume.

  1. DAC mode: no volume control, when used as a digital to analog converter in an existing system.
  2. Pre mode: volume control, best when the DAC212 is used as digital pre-amp.

In the pre mode we have created 2 extra settings:
  1. Single volume setting: one main volume control for all inputs.
  2. Multi volume setting: separate volume control for each individual input.
    Great when for example comparing digital sources.
It is also possible to set a maximum (and minimum) volume level, independent for headphone and XLR output.

Selectable Gain
The DAC212SE has independent +6dB gain setting for XLR and headphone output.
Very convenient for low efficiency systems or headphones.
Switching is done automatically upon connection or disconnection of the headphone.

  1. DAC212
  2. design
  3. features

Smart display
The retro style display informs the user of system status or changes.
Several display settings let you customize the display to your needs as well.
It can be set to switch of after a set amount of seconds, the brightness can be adjusted or set to auto adjust based on the ambient light.
The main display information is volume information, but this can be changed to source information.
Any change in sample rate or input selection will briefly be displayed after which the display reverts back to the main indication.

Connect your mobile device via Bluetooth for either streaming (apt-X) or use your mobile device as remote control via the Android or iOS app.
Streaming is compatible with:

  1. aptX
  2. AAC
  3. MP3

Bluetooth power modes
Bluetooth can be set to 3 different power modes.
  1. off, for those users who don’t require Bluetooth at all.
  2. standby, Bluetooth is switched on and off when the DAC212SE is switched on or off.
  3. On, Bluetooth is kept on, regardless of the DAC212 status. This feature gives the users the opportunity for on/off switching of the DAC212 via the Bluetooth app.

Vibration free design.
The DAC212 is floating on Sorbothane discs inside the three stainless steel feet.
the Sorbothane has been tuned to absorb the resonance frequency of the chassis. Thereby minimizing vibration transmission between the base and the chassis.
But DiDiT did not stop there, the PCB is locked between the 2 heavy parts of the chassis, preventing the PCB from vibrating.

DiDiT link
The DAC212SE can communicate via the DiDiT link with other (upcoming) DiDiT devices. No need for separate remote controls just hook all DiDiT devices to the DiDiT link to establish system communication.
The DiDiT link connector can also be set to RS232 allowing seamless integration with home-automation or domotica system.

Soft switching technology.
soft-switching technology is used for muting and unmuting the outputs, avoiding abrupt changes in volume.

Switched Mode Power Supply
The DAC212 uses a highly efficient switched mode power supply (SMPS) which has a very fast response time to power draw.
Moreover, by utilizing ample capacitive buffering and 13 high quality ultra-quiet power regulators virtually all of the negative effects of using a SMPS are avoided.
This ultra-quiet design translates to a signal to noise ratio of -135dB @1kHz full scale and residual output noise of: 1,5µV while being being capable of delivering tremendous peak power during high dynamic music playback.
Never before was life music really lifelike.

DC coupled design.
the DAC212 is fully DC-coupled, which exhibits superior frequency and phase response when compared to capacitor coupled designs.
Capacitors in the signal path affect the frequency phase response, which deteriorates the stereo imaging.
Our capacitor free design does not suffer from these artifacts.

Smart start and reset.
Start the DAC212 with a preselected input and volume setting or start the DAC212 with the last used input and volume setting.
We even thought about the occasional mains power failure!
If the mains power is restored the device can be set to start in the last used power state or to remain in standby.

Worldwide usage
The DAC2212SE has its own integrated power supply that can be used with any voltage between 100VAC and 240VAC.
No voltage selector required. Just plug your power cord in the mains and the DAC212SE does the rest.

No sonic character
The DiDiT DAC212 has absolute no sonic signature. We just reproduce the music the way the artist meant it to be heard.

  1. DAC212
  2. specifications

General & Inputs

  1. Display: Matrix display
  2. Switch: capacitive touch
  3. Mains: 100-240VAC
  4. Inputs:
    1. XLR AES/EBU
    2. 2 RCA coaxial
    3. Toslink
    4. USB audio input
    5. I2S over HDMI
    6. DiDiT link 3.5mm mini-jack
    7. USB data for software updates
  5. Supported formats: PCM, DSD
  6. Supported Sample Rates PCM:
    - 44.1kHz to 384Khz
  7. Supported Sample Rates DSD, DXD:
    - DSD64 to DSD512, DXD352.8
  8. Optional slot
  9. Ambiant light sensor
  10. Aluminium remote control for basic functions

Measured Performance

  1. THD+N: 0.00035% @ 100kOhm
  2. Linearity: +/- 0.5dB by -115 dBFS
  3. S/N ration: -135dB @1kHz full scale
    122dB (A weighted)
  4. Output noise voltage residue: 1,5µV
  5. XLR Output Level: 0 dBFS: 4.0 VRMS
  6. XLR Output Level: +6 dBFS: 8.0 VRMS
  7. unbalanced XLR Output Level:
    0 dBFS: 2.0 VRMS
  8. unbalanced XLR Output Level:
    +6 dBFS: 4.0 VRMS
  9. DC Offset: 0.1mV
  10. Frequency Response:
    DC to 50kHz +/- 0.1dB
    DC to 90kHz -3dB
  11. Total jitter measured at output: 48picoseconds RMS
  12. Output: DC coupled
  13. Output Impedance: 1.6Ohm @ 1kHz Max.
  14. Output Current: 1.0A


  1. 212mm x 212mm x 45mm (W x L x H)
  2. Weight: 2.7kg