DAC212SEII DAC212 Signature Edition II read more DAC212SEII

With the third iteration of the lauded DAC212 we raise the bar in terms of performance, coming close to the proverbial straight wire with gain.

The same level of integrity in terms of sound characteristics found in the DAC212SE are now combined with the next level of connectivity. Network DLNA /UPnP and Roon Endpoint added while only sacrificing one coaxial input.

The DAC212SE was awarded best buy DAC in its class. The DAC212SEII will astonish any discerning listener even more.
Outputs suitable for balanced or non-balanced headphones, more powerful than most dedicated headphone amplifiers.

This tremendous power output eliminates the need for an additional pre-amplifier, connect your power amplifier directly to the DAC212SEII for best performance.

Making it the perfect companion for the AMP212.

As with any device the choice of components will determine final quality and performance.

If done correctly the contributions of each and every one will blend into a perfect operating device.

The real objective being a resulting synergistic character, which transcends the sum of those individual parts.

This is what we have achieved in our DAC212SEII. There is not a trace hinting at any one particular component or topology used.

All amalgamate in full harmony, completing a near perfect machine – which performs far above its class.