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The AMP212 is the perfect companion for the DAC212SEII.

Due to the exceptional performance and measurements of the DAC212SEII we could not rely on existing Class-D technology to build an equally capable amplifier.

In order to match the performance of the DAC212SEII we started from scratch and developed our own unique Class-D technology.

With residual noise and distortion close to that of a high-end pre-amplifier, it excels in terms of measurements and performance.

In terms of audiophile performance it combines virtues previously believed to be impossible.

Highs and mids silky smooth, never harsh but very close to the fluency of a high end tube amplifier.

Lower octaves and bass notes lightning fast, deep and compact. Every hertz can be heard and felt.

The fast response power supply guarantees that all instruments and musicians can be clearly distinguished in a wide and deep soundstage.

Incredibly eloquent looks combined with amazing performance – simply tantalizing.

Our unique Class-D technology is based upon a state of the art feedback loop. It has taken us years to develop from conceptual idea to the first prototypes. This radically new technology is now available in our latest production model.

Power is obtained through a switched mode power supply (SMPS).
Compared to linear power supplies, SMPS offer enormous advantages. They are truly very fast and despite their compact size, they can deliver huge amounts of sheer power.

With our ultra short power rails this power is directly available whenever required.

The result is amazing and never before exhibited in a Class-D amp. Enhanced musicality, smoothness with absolute control, surpassing its size in many ways.