Design philosophy

The inspiration for composing music is emotion. The musician’s mission is about sharing emotion rather than simply sharing a song or tune.

By means of a composition the musician wants to engage the listener, convey this inspirational feeling or emotion.

This goes beyond any measurement, it embodies more.

DiDiT designed audio equipment does just that. Our devices extract the emotion and replicate this for the discerning music lover – just as the artist intended.

Music becomes an immersive experience, more than plain music.

equal impedance differential circuit

Capacitive coupled noise is inversely proportional to the impedance. By using ultra low impedance circuits, a huge sonic advantage is created compared to the more commonly used circuits.

Even more extreme, our signal and power rails are configured in differential pairs, with precisely matched (equal) impedance.

This cutting edge design architecture drastically diminishes inherent noise caused by PCB layout.

Resulting in pitch black backgrounds.

floating ground

The amplifier stages float with no reference to ground.
Drastically reducing interference from circuit to circuit and from the outside world, caused by or induced in shared ground lines.

This way distortion and noise caused by power supply stages are isolated from the audio stage.

An ultra-pure signal emerges, free from artifacts or coloration.

power supply and decoupling

In our devices we use fast response switched mode power supplies, which are then precisely regulated before being fed to all local power supplies.

Every stage has its own local power source with an abundance of local buffer capacitors, capable of supplying plenty of regulated power.

This results in a very authoritative sound with plenty of drive, while maintaining resolution and inner detail.

vibration damping

To prevent the chassis from vibrating, our devices are placed on custom stainless steel feet with a special Sorbothane ring.

The heavy clamshell construction chassis which holds the PCB firmly, inhibits the PCB from resonating.

Combined with our extreme electronic design this culminates in superior musical performance.

final thoughts

Although measurements suit a technical purpose in particular, we at DiDiT believe that a meticulously thought through electronic design, in which every stage and detail is consistently optimized, will preserve the finest and inner most finesses of your music.

As a result, our devices not only sound immensely natural and involving, but they also exhibit extremely good measurements – although the latter is merely for technical purposes.